suicideimage2Psychology21C is focused on lessening the gap between psychology and the 21st century.  Our mission includes offering educational events relevant to our seven realms.  Our first co-sponsored conference (with the Manhattan Psychological Association) will be held 11/22/15 in New York City – Once Every 13 Minutes: Expanding Boundaries for Psychotherapy, New Technologies, Family Treatment to Prevent Suicide. It brings together innovative ideas of using new technologies to prevent suicide.  Along with a presentation focusing on family treatment and suicide, there will be two presenters focusing on social media and other online interventions.  With all respect, you can think of it as 21st century suicide and its prevention: Suicide21C.

We look forward to updating on future Psychology21C events.  In the meantime, here is another view of the thin line between live and death using preventive new technology.paincoping