Our Mission

Our Mission is to connect and partner with organizations, students, researchers, early career psychologists and professionals who will support progress in the emerging 21st century realms outlined below. We will share these established relationships and research findings through our site, social media and organized events.

About P21c


Imagine organizations’ potentials when they encourage innovative problem-solving and leverage big ideas more effectively? What else will happen when they understand the psychological styles that facilitate innovation can occur at every level? What can psychologists offer to the field of innovation?


Work-Life Competencies

Technological advances continue to alter our lives—from the way we eat, think, learn and communicate to how and where we work. What new competencies are needed to live and work in the 21st century? How can we keep up in a world where artificial intelligence and robotics may begin to replace the way we solve problems and take action?



What can quantum principles (for example, entanglement) teach us about leadership and teams in the 21st century? How do the principles apply in a workplace that can be virtual? If we acknowledge that all people are leaders in their own unique worlds, then we can accept that we bring to work beliefs, passions and identities that must be embraced and included, even loved.


Big Data

In today’s world, Big Data is ubiquitous. It is the driver that uncovers trends and patterns leading to enormous insights. Still the more we have, the less we know. Big Data has the potential to aid humanity in solving critical healthcare, environmental and other global issues, as well as strategic business issues. How can psychologists help organizations extract the information they need?


New Technologies

New technologies such as virtual reality and gaming are 21st century tools used to entertain, train staff, and treat people clinically. These tools have both beneficial and detrimental possibilities. There is a great need to understand what happens to “self” as we continue to more deeply embrace the virtual world. What can psychology offer in this new era?



The quest to best manage and make money involves much psychology. Money is found in interpersonal and societal dynamics everywhere and has different values and personal meanings for people. Investing can involve intense emotions and risk taking that can lead to unacceptable losses. How can psychologists contribute to our understanding of the personal dynamics of money?



21st century sciences offer great insight into what was unimagined. We are now able to understand actions at the sub-atomic level. Can these patterns be applied metaphorically or scientifically to understand consciousness? For example, is it possible for love or another emotion to persist across dimensions such as life and death, time and space? How can neuropsychology and behavioral psychology contribute to our greater understanding?


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